The Rotary BeCollective partnership - Rotary as early adopters
Oct 23, 2018 7:30 AM
Mandy Burns – Stakeholder Development BeCollective
The Rotary BeCollective partnership - Rotary as early adopters

Be Collective is a social enterprise created by the Wise family is a digital platform designed to mobilise collective goodwill. It is built on the notion that every part of our community has something to offer. It helps to build the capacity of every volunteer and organisation that utilises volunteers. 

For community organisations Be Collective provides: 

  • Free end to end volunteer and event management software that makes administration simpler and enhances the volunteer experience; 

  • Clever reporting tools, data and insights into social impact and engagement to share with stakeholders and funders available in real time. 

  • Volunteers, especially jobseekers, a record of the significant contribution that they are making to change the world through a social resume (see example social resume). 

  • Capacity to broadcast volunteer opportunities to a broader audience and to be promoted and showcased by Rotary.    

Be Collective has a proud and rich heritage with strong local partnerships to deliver powerful outcomes for Australia. 

It is social infrastructure designed to eliminate duplication, misdirection and waste of effort, promoting a culture of kindness, recognition and support.

With practical tools to help you find opportunities, manage groups of people as well as run events and projects, Be Collective has something for everyone. Their platform has been created with the whole of the community in mind - with solutions for changemakers across sectors and communities.

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience championing social enterprise and community development projects, the Wise Foundation has an accomplished history creating sustainable solutions to social problems.

The Wise Foundation is the philanthropic organisation of the Wise family and WE Australia. Since 1983, the Wise family has initiated, developed and operated many social projects with the purpose of strengthening communities.

Mandy Burns is Director of Stakeholder Development for Be Collective. A keen advocate for social justice, mobilising community and supporting children and young people to realise their potential, Mandy is also a registered psychologist. She was the inaugural CEO of Ardoch Youth Foundation, a national charity supporting vulnerable children’s learning and wellbeing and has held numerous not-for-profit board roles. Mandy led the networking and support of NFP Women as CEOs and has received recognition for her work through scholarships, the 2009 Victorian Children’s Community Award and the 2012 Telstra Business Women’s Award for Community and Government in Victoria.