Club forum
May 25, 2021 7:40 AM
Elias Lebbos
Club forum

As we approach the end of this extraordinary Rotary year and look forward to the coming year, the Strategic Advisory Group and I have been giving some consideration to our planning.  The idea of a Sunday morning planning session doesn't seem to be the best use of members’ time at the moment as our club strategic plan is in its 3rd year and remains relevant. So we are going to take a slightly different approach this year.

I would like the Club to reflect on the amazing work that has been achieved under very challenging circumstances. For example:

  • The manner in which the Admin team adapted club meeting from face-to-face to a virtual platform, ensuring member participation and engagement was maintained throughout the pandemic.
  • The fantastic fundraising efforts of the club, especially the dedication by Peter and Frank (and everyone else involved).
  • The continued growth in membership and how quickly new members became involved and contributed ideas for new projects.
  • The establishment of two new working groups related to Diversity & Inclusion and Environment & Sustainability.
  • The successful Paul Harris Breakfast conducted online.

We can list many more achievements, but I think on reflection we would all agree that it has been quite a successful year.

This meeting will be dedicated to a Club Forum, where Neville Taylor will briefly explain the club planning process and its benefit.

The directors of the Avenues of Service will provide a 5-minute reflection on their committees’ achievements over the past year and how these achievements have contributed to our four Pillars - Progressive, Networked, Connected and a Catalyst for getting things done.

I encourage members to provide input and feedback to the planning for the 2021-22 Rotary year. There will be a number of opportunities to contribute over the next few months.