Feb 12, 2019
Jeremy Meltzer – Founder & CEO of i=Change
i=Change – making philanthropy simple

Weaving philanthropy into our everyday purchases, represents one of the most powerful opportunities to create new funding streams and positively impact communities around the world.

We want to help. We want to give back. Although how can it be simple, as we go about our busy lives?

This was the thought behind i=Change (iequalchange.com). A superbly simple platform that achieves this objective. Just shop i=Change brands (and tell your friends about it)! These brands give back with every sale - and you the consumer choose where to send their donation after checkout.

It's also 100% transparent. Buyers can see exactly how much they’ve helped raise and where it's going - live!

While as consumers we want to support businesses committed to doing good in the world, the businesses using the i=change platform are also enjoying greater success.

Why? Because these brands earn respect, and with time they earn loyalty.

We cannot afford anymore that success be a measure of profit alone. Success must also consider its impact on people and planet. i=Change brands do just that.

Jeremy is a social entrepreneur and inspiring voice for women’s rights globally. He created i=Change to help accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects, focused mostly on empowering women and girls.

As a young man, Jeremy was moved to action while living in Cuba. He was shocked at how violence against women seemed accepted and was even considered 'normal' across Latin America. This left him with a burning question... Why is such abuse so common in some communities while abhorrent in others?

Over the last ten years in an attempt to understand this issue, Jeremy's met with NGO's, sat with communities and spoken to media around the world.

Jeremy believes the solution lies in engaging men, modelling respectful relationships to our youth, and funding best-practice NGO's.

Jeremy is passionate about the enormous potential, that often won't be realised, in women and girls around the world. How could i=Change be part of the solution?