Developing foods for people with Dysphagia
Jun 04, 2019
Darren Benfell - MD, Textured Concept Foods
Developing foods for people with Dysphagia

Choking is a leading cause of premature death in Australian nursing homes. After falls, choking is the biggest killer of residents.

While around 15‐30 percent of people aged 65 and over living in the community have a swallowing difficulty, this figure rises to over 50 percent for older Australians living in nursing homes. People who suffer from age-related conditions such as stroke, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease are also likely to have a swallowing difficulty.

Textured Concept Foods started out of passion and love to restore dignity to a texture modified diet. They cook a range of delicious and appetising meals and desserts, particularly for people with Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). While it mainly effects the aged it can impact people at almost any stage in life.

Dishes range from a selection of meat, fish, chicken and pasta dishes to a selection of desserts including their "Melt No More" ice cream. They all believe in using real food in their products, with meals that are "home-cooked" and snap frozen for locked-in nutrition and a superior product.

Darren Benfell is a qualified Chef, with an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and over 30 years experience in hospitality together with 15 years’ experience in Aged Care hospitality delivering catering services to 780 Aged Care residents.

David has extensive experience in Aged Care, Hotels, Banqueting, textured foods, staff training, development and management.

TCF represents a vision he had some 10 years ago when moving into aged care. He believes we should provide dignity surrounding all meals with elderly residents living in aged care. With a hotel/fine dining background he always believes the presentation of foods in aged care should reflect home cooked meals presented with a “ fine-dining” look.