Rotary Foundation’s  Peace Scholarship & beyond
Nov 13, 2018
Dr Tania Miletic
Rotary Foundation’s Peace Scholarship & beyond

Dr. Tania Miletic is a Research Fellow with the Melbourne School of Government. Tania is currently engaged with the 'Australian International Conflict Resolution Project’, undertaking research in partnership with DFAT, that aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of Australian diplomatic experiences in support of peace processes since 1990; looking to how policy and practice in conflict prevention and peacebuilding may be enhanced.

Tania is active as a consultant peacebuilder with over 15 years of extensive applied experience on peacebuilding programs in the Asia Pacific region. From 2005 – 2012 (and again in 2018) Tania worked with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, a peace building organisation based in Cambodia. Tania has consulted for a range of international organisations focused on peace building, and is locally engaged with community-led initiatives.

She has been an invited researcher on a unique conflict resolution program in mainland China for the past decade. Her PhD focused on understanding contemporary conflicts in China through exploring the perspectives of its emerging leaders.

Tania has taught on conflict resolution programs in Australia, Cambodia and China. Her research foci include peace building, conflict resolution, evaluation and monitoring, international development and refugee and immigrant mental health.

In 2013 Tania was awarded a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Recognition; and has twice been recognised as an emerging leader in the Asia Pacific region.