Once again, Margaret Thomas has offered to purchase spices in bulk, for inclusion in the Christmas hampers for Lentara Asylum Seeker Program.  She will then parcel up individual packs, which will include the following:
CUMIN                                                 250 gm
CORIANDER                                        250 gm
PAPRIKA                                             250 gm
CHILLI                                                250 gm
ALMONDS (WHOLE)                           250 gm
WALNUTS (WHOLE)                           250 gm
LENTILS - RED                                    1 kg       
LENTILS - GREEN                                1 kg
DATES - IRANIAN                               1kg        

The cost per pack is $28. 

If you would like to buy one or more packs, please contact Margaret directly before 2nd December.  Tony and Margaret will bring the packs to the Christmas breakfast on December 16.