Strategy for Membership Growth:
DG Elect Neville John introduced the presentation noting that Club members through the Club Visioning exercise had expressed a desire to grow the Club back to around 60 members from the current number of 45. He and Warwick Cavill had taken the opportunity to review the recruiting and retention activity that both Neville and Richard Stone had been undertaking.  As a result  a Membership Plan had been produced.
Warwick then presented the Plan highlighting the process and the strategy:
  1. Where do we want /need to be?
  2. Where are we now
  3. How are we going to move to where we are now to where we want/need to be?
The focus is now on the “how are we going to move to where we want/need to be”.  He pointed out that there is a need for wider participation by all members to achieve growth in membership numbers.  People working in the CBD will be targeted and Warwick noted we are significantly under- represented in a number of vocations including retailing, medicine, council officers, education and so on.  There is a need for much greater diversity in our membership.
The approach is to systemise the three stages of membership:
  1. Attract
  2. Recruit
  3. Retain
A few key points which Warwick made are as follows:
  • Members are requested to promote our breakfast meetings and other events to their friends and colleagues. Target people based on topics as guests not members.
  • Letterbox drops to promote Rotary breakfasts and events.
  • “New to Melbourne strategy”.
  • Corporates who move people to Melbourne to work
  • Relocation agents
  • Promotion through Government
  • Social media
  • Develop a system of following up in order to convert attendance at functions into membership.
  • Develop a member’s satisfaction index.
In concluding, Warwick asked that each member think of 3 guests that they could invite to meetings or functions over the next 12 months, preferably aligning the visit with an appropriate speaker.
As a second action, he asked for anyone who would be able to take on a task to speak with him.