Roy Garrett won last Thursday’s Trivia Night by a good margin, beating Bearbrass’s Julie Reid into second place and dual RCM/Bearbrass member Tony Thomas placed third. A transcript of Roy’s press conference afterwards reads:
  • What preparation did you make for the quiz? – I opened a bottle of red.
  • How confident were you during the quiz that you could make first place? – Didn’t give it a thought really.
  • How did you feel when you found you were the winner? – Very low-order pleased.
  • Do you have any words of comfort or advice for your opponents? – Hey we weren’t playing with a bunch of sooks. This involved  Rotary and Bearbrass elite. They know how to lose, and come back!
  • How did the quiz improve your understanding of world affairs? – Well I never knew that Wellington is the most southerly capital city but otherwise I have been left untouched.
When the microphone was passed to Julie Reid, she said she was happy to come second given she had not done much preparation.
The quiz was coordinated by the previous winner, IT guru Cliff Stinson of Bearbrass. Despite his guru status he reported a difficult time, with the automated system Kahoot temporarily losing his complete 40 questions, and then locking him out of his own file because he wouldn’t pay $30 a month (this demand originated from his expectation the quiz might involve more than the 20 players allowed free). A wealthier Good Samaritan stepped in with his credit card and ponied up $30 to save the day.
There was some muttering that Tony Thomas’s third place was illegitimate given that he had composed half the questions to help out Cliff, and had also seen all Cliff’s answers. Tony claimed he had no recollection of the answers, otherwise he obviously would have won the quiz.
The fourth-placed winner was somewhat irregular as she had technical issues and spoke her answers aloud, so other players had to work out whether to trust her knowledge each time.
Given Tony’s dubious status in the quiz, there were only two players Roy and Julie.  It looks like future quizzes are dead ducks from lack of interest, unless lockdowns recur and members are again desperate for distraction. #