One of the best ways of preventing malaria is to avoid contact with mosquitoes. This can be achieved by sleeping under a treated mosquito net. Treated bed nets have been shown to be over 70% effective in reducing the incidence of malaria in those areas in which they are able to be used.

The flagship RAM program is the successful bed netting program which is a highly effective preventative strategy. In Papua New Guinea a program being run will ensure that everyone can sleep under an appropriate Long Lasting Insecticide Treated bed net.  In addition, funds will be available for the treatment of malaria victims using Artemisinen Combination Therapy or ACT. ACT is a very effective drug treatment, but its widespread use is restricted by its cost.

Adopt A Village is the means of ensuring this program is sustained into the future.

As in previous years our club donated $500 for the acquisition and distribution of insecticide impregnated mosquito nets for Papua New Guinea.