Victorian State Director of the Funding Network
Jul 16, 2019
Andrea Heffernan
Victorian State Director of the Funding Network

The Funding Network Australia (TFN) is a unique live crowdfunding and capacity building model for social change. The Funding Network started off as a live crowdfunding event in the UK for small grassroots non-for-profits that lacked resources, who didn’t have a platform to raise funds and awareness of what they were doing.

This crowdfunding event involved screening the candidates that had applied for funding and eventually selecting three small grassroots charities to present at the event.  Bringing together approximately 150 corporate contacts, philanthropists and guests at these events, people would pledge donations live, and each charity generally raised between $15,000 – $20,000.

TFN Australia empowers everyone, from those with modest means to the affluent, to play a role in providing solutions to some of our most troubling societal problems.

TFN do this by partnering with corporations to attract the widest possible audience with a capacity to give, enabling them to support innovative, grassroots charities.

TFN’s engaging, interactive and inclusive events unite people to achieve more as a group than individually. By empowering people to give they challenge the notion that only the wealthy can make a difference. TFN expand and deepen the practice of giving by making it collaborative, rewarding and accessible to all.

Andrea has over 17 years experience in the philanthropy and not-for-profit sector. Prior to her role at TFN, she was General Manager of Australian Communities Foundation for 13 years.

Andrea is passionate about the social outcomes achieved by connecting donors with community needs. An energetic team player with extensive management and operations experience, Andrea is dedicated to organisational excellence.

She is currently also a Board Member of Focus Individualised Support Services on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.